Friday, January 21, 2011

The Starlites - You're A Wanted Man / Gladstone Anderson - Drummer Roach / GG All Stars - Back To Dubwise

With two showing up in the new lot, I've got three of these now, all on different collared labels. The yellow one has a different b-side so there are three songs posted below. The orange one will be for sale when I generate the list!

The Starlites features the mento giant Stanley Beckford and had a number of singles with Alvin Ranglin in the mid 70s, this one is from 1973. All three of the singles above have the same b-side label for the GG All Stars "Back To Dubwise," but the yellow one actually contains the much better track, Gladstone Anderson's "Drummer Roach". Furthermore, the yellow one has a different matrix number for the a-side though the songs are the same.


Listen & download here:
A-side: The Starlites - You're A Wanted Man
B-side 1: Gladstone Anderson - Drummer Roach
B-side 2: GG All Stars - Back To Dubwise

Friday, January 14, 2011

Heart & Soul Soundsystem, Part 4

I'll be spinning again with Captain Jim and crew from Heart & Soul Soundsystem this Sunday at Lovejoy's in Austin, 9pm-2am. Come check out for some rare ska, rocksteady, reggae, and dub!

The Music Doctors - First Note (Down Torn, 1970)
Leslie Butler - Black Is Boss (Blank, 1972)
The Ethiopians - What A Fire (Blank, 1969)
The Ethiopians - Rim Bam Bam (UK Duke, 1971)
Max Romeo - Let The Power Fall (Pama Supreme, 1971)
Keeling Beckford - Cecilia (GG's Hits, 1970)
The Cables - Salt Of The Earth (Blank, 1970)
Derrick Morgan & George Dekker - Me Naw Give Up (Blank, 1968)
Lennox Brown - Gits Brown (Blank, 1969)
Max Romeo & Gregory Isaacs - Push It Down, Rub It Down (Soul Beat, 1973)
George Dekker - Run Them (Blank, 1969)
Al & The Vibrators - Move Up (Gay Feet, 1968)
Dennis Alcapone & Lizzy - Ba Ba Ri Ba (Duke Reid GH, 1973)
The Techniques - Run Come Celebrate (Treasure Isle Repress, 1968)
The Techniques - I'm In The Mood For Love (Treasure Isle, 1968)
The Gaylads - It's All In The Game (Blank, 1970)
Delroy Wilson - Hey Jude (Blank, 1971)
Rudy Mills - Place Called Happiness (Blank, 1968)
George Dekker - You Treating Me Bad (Blank, 1967)
The Rio Grandes - Soldier Take Over (Blank, 1966)
Derrick Morgan - I'm Gonna Leave You (Blue Beat, 1960)
The Skatalites - El Pussy Ska (Coxsone, 1965)
Lee Perry & The Sensations - Something You've Got (Wirl, 1967)
Winston Stewart - Leave Me Alone (Coxsone, 1964)
The Clarendonians - A Day Will Come (Beverley's, 1965)
Bongo Man - Marcus Garvey (Island, 1965)
Sir Lord Tacky - Badder Man (Blank, 1964)
The Wailers - Dancing Shoes (Coxsone, 1966)
Freddy McKay - Fine Fine Fine (Blank, 1967)
Derrick Morgan - Greedy Girl (Blank, 1967)
Dandy Livingston - Message TO Rudies (Blank, 1967)
The Tartans - What Can I Do (Blank, 1966)
Eric Morris - Pack Up (CDC, 1962)
Winston Samuels - What Have I Done (Blank, 1965)
The Silvertones - Teardrops Will Fall (Blank, 1971)
The Barons - Darling Please Return (Blank, 1969)
The Dynamites - Tribute To Drumbago (Blank, 1969)
The Tennors - Smile (My Baby) (Blank, 1969)
I Roy & The Ebony Sisters - Let Me Tell You Boy (Moodisc, 1971)
The Melodians - Rivers Of Babylon (Beverley's, 1969)
The Paragons - Memories By The Shore (Blank, 1968)
Alton Ellis - Let Them Try (Blank, 1968)
Jimmy Cliff - Come In To My Life (Blank, 1970)
The Music Specialists - Double Dynamite (Blank, 1972)
Mark Anthony & The Jets - More Balls (Chappy, 1970)
The Crafters - Soul Crackshot (Blank, 1969)