Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stranger & Gladdy - Just Like A River / The Leaders - Hope Someday

Listen & download here:
A-side: Stranger & Gladdy - Just Like A River
B-side: The Leaders - Hope Someday


U.J.M - BOSS said...

The Leaders were'nt Gibbs house band , they were a vocal group which also recorded ska before joe gibbs ..A single called Fire..
i think they are mostly Joe White and Ken Boothe

davesjukebox said...

Thanks for the info... do you have a copy of that track that you could send me? if you can..

Thanks again

ScottiB said...

I was talking to Prince Alla (Keith Blake) a few days ago when he mentioned his first group, The Leaders. This was comprised of just Prince Alla and Milton Henry. He said they only recorded the two 7" singles before they each got involved with other projects. I've been searching out anything I can find on The Leaders and stumbled across your web site. I purchased a copy of this one and I'm looking for the other.