Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jah Berry - Sufferation & Starvation / Version

Killer 1979 cut here. "Mi can't get no job me nah go rob!"

Download & listen here:
A-side: Jah Berry - Sufferation & Starvation
B-side: Jah Berry - Sufferation & Starvation Version


Anonymous said...

Solo por aqui dando el rol y pasando a saludar, no olviden vistarnos!

Anonymous said...

as it's none on commercial channel, it's no excuse to not offer the best quality to people, reggae deserve 320kps too, so your selection is crucial bros but 128-192kps is cheap..

davesjukebox said...

I use lower bitrates to keep the file sizes and bandwidth down. If I use 320 then my free online storage/bandwidth will max out and no one will be able to listen.

I'm putting in mostly thankless effort to share this stuff, and you're getting it for free. If you can't stand lower bitrates then find somewhere else to download.

Anonymous said...

your selection a murderer, at this level no need to listen first but compil it fe play on his p.a system.....with a special request for dave's work!

Anonymous said...

bandwidth excuse is pure fuckury, give a hand to your next 96kps bros called 'mightydoctor bird'
one love, one aim, one destiny!

concrete_jungle said...

that's the fact concerning reggae music, from its birth, no airplay, no tv program, and at least 192kps on the net, as yankee music got flac & full artwork.
but you must give credit to dave for the roots selection with details & labels posted, great job! then nobody is perfect...
long life to this blog.

concrete_jungle said...

denoise jamaican 7' isn't so important, clicks are parts of it, then uou loose some frequencies.
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