Friday, August 5, 2011

Dave's Jukebox in San Francisco

I've just moved to San Francisco, and will be without my recording equipment for about a month. I think I've got some records already recorded that I can post in the meanwhile so stay tuned.

I've visited a few record stores in the area, but haven't really found any spectacular stores for reggae - I've only found one JA 7" even remotely close to my interests after 5 stores. Thankfully it was a Buster production, Derrick & Patsy's "Stab In The Back" backed with "Thank You," which has the Prince himself singing a few lines.

If anyone knows anything about the SF reggae scene, or stores I should check out, please let me know!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, I live in Redwood City, close to SF, yeah, there's not any real Reggae stores to speak of, but there are some good record stores around. Nobody selling the vintage, dirty, good ole stuff though...Amoeba SF and Rasputin Berkeley have the most reggae, but nothing that Ernie B doesnt have...There's a Facebook page that gives updates for live events:

Good luck, Nelgroe