Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Federals - Penny For Your Song / I've Passed This Way

Some nice slow-rolling rocksteady from Coxsone's famed studio.

Listen & download here:
A-side: The Federals - Penny For Your Song
B-side: The Federals - I've Passed This Way


Chris said...

thought that this was a Derrick Harriott deal? The Federals were always associated with him, anyway. David "Scotty" Scott was the actual producer of the tune, later to go on to greater fame as Scotty with big hits like "Draw Your Brakes" and other deejay versions of Harriott productions.

it's definitely a Coxsone matrix number..

davesjukebox said...


Yea, definitely a Coxsone matrix. I get a large majority of my info on these from RKR. They are listed as produced by Coxsone but released on the "Scotty" label.

Of the 7 tunes listed on RKR from that label 4 are listed as David Scott productions, two (these) by Coxsone, and the last by Winston Riley. The Winston Riley one's matrix starts "Dyna WR .." so it's clearly a Winston Riley matrix as well.

Out of curiosity... what's your source that David Scott was the producer on this one?

Chris said...

i saw it on the Trojan site at one point, where there was a David Scott bio. Derrick Harriott was the one that got The Federals into the studio shortly after seeing them out at a club, i guess he must have taken them by Coxsone's.