Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ustream Broadcast

I decided to give this a shot rather than a traditional post. Consider it a preview of whats to come. Some of these records will likely show up in the next few postings.

I've come to realize that the recording output on my preamp bypasses the equalizer and high/low pass filters. So, at least for the ones with surface noise, kill the highs and boost the bass and a good chunk of the unwanted sound will disappear.

Lennox Brown - Gits Brown
Slim Smith - Can't Do Without It (My Story)
The Jailbreakers - Work It Up
K.C. White - Man No Dead
Beverley's All Stars - Just In Time
The Gaylads - Lady With The Red Dress
Eric Morris - Penny Reel O
Bingy Bunny & Bongo Les - Mr. Parker's Daughter
Pat Kelly - They Talk About Love
The Federals - I've Passed This Way
Derrick Morgan & George Dekker - Me Naw Give Up
The Visions - The Girl I Love