Wednesday, September 22, 2010

*Repost* Elpedo Burke - Madgie / Mighty Cloud Band - Madgie Dub

I'm reposting this one not only because someone requested a fixed link, but because this song is great. I'll correct most fixed links on their original page.

This is no longer the only Abeng label 45" I have, but this is still my favorite of the ones I've picked up. Enjoy!

Listen & download here:
A-side: Elpedo Burke - Madgie
B-side: The Mighty Clouds - Madgie Dub

Thursday, September 9, 2010

John Holt - Working Kind / Unknown Instrumental

Sorry for the long time between posts! I meant to do this one on Monday, the US's Labor Day, but never quite got around to it. A great 1970 John Holt, Duke Reid production on the a-side and a rootsy instrumental on the back. The b-side gets a little nasty towards the end, so this one is more for the a-side (which isn't the cleanest itself!). If anyone knows the name and artist for the b-side, please share.

Listen & download here:
A-side: John Holt - Working Kind
B-side: Unknown - Unknown Instrumental