Thursday, February 11, 2010

1965 - Winston Samuels - What Have I Done / Broken Hearted

Listen & download here:
A-side: Winston Samuels - What Have I Done
B-side: Winston Samuels - Broken Hearted


Abby said...

I like the history behind why the music began to slow down. Cool finding!

jusntym03 said...

I know of Mr. Lindon O. Pottinger and his family some of his original dubs from after Sonia Pottinger still remain untouched from the music world because there is a serious trust issue. for instant the late Mrs. Sonia Pottinger pasted and took with her unanswered questions like how did she get into the music yeah it says she married him but HE was the reason she has the title she owns now.

gateman said...

It's simply not true to state that a 'heatwave' hit Jamaica and thus the music 'slowed down'. In fact, the summer of 1966 was actually a bit cooler than the average. See for example the booklet notes for VP's 2-CD 'Federal Records Anthology' for confirmation of this. When Hopeton Lewis did his tracks, in mid-sum,mer 1966, the temperatures were actually among the lowest ever recorded.

Love the scans on this site

all the best
Steve [gateman]

davesjukebox said...

Thanks gateman. Started writing these as I was first collecting and learning about reggae music. I have to say that the heatwave theory is pretty unlikely, and that you're probably correct.