Tuesday, February 16, 2010

1966 - The Clarendonians - After He Breaks Your Heart / Sweet Heart Of Beauty

Listen & download here:
A-side: The Clarendonians - After He Breaks Your Heart
B-side: The Clarendonians - Sweet Heart Of Beauty

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chris said...

Coxsone had multiple labels because he felt that if it was all under the Coxsone/Studio One brand, less of it would get played or charted...hence the plethora of additional labels like Money Disc, Budget, Bongo Man, etc... some labels were also started to take advantage of foreign licensing demand.

it was not an uncommon situation for big producers who had a lot of output. Duke Reid had Dutchess and Duke Reid imprints alongside Treasure Isle, Sonia Pottinger also had Gay Feet, High Note, Tip-top, Bunny Lee had Jackpot, Striker, Lee's, Attack, etc. and a lot of early 70's releases via Dynamic Studios sub-label Jaguar.