Sunday, October 25, 2009

Max Romeo - Let The Power Fall For I / The Original Hippy Boys - Power Version

Listen & download here:
A-side: Max Romeo - Let The Power Fall For I
B-side: The Original Hippy Boys - Power Version

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chris said...

love the blog, just discovered it today.... i'm always a day late and a dollar short...

"Let The Power Fall" was a traditional song learned by Max Romeo as he made the transition to becoming a Rastafarian. it has kind of an old-timey hymn quality to it, i am sure it was adapted by somebody from an earlier church song.

it was released in 1971 at the Michael Manley's campaign for prime minister was going on, and his PNP party co-opted "Power" as a theme song, as well as other songs like Delroy WIlson's "Better Must Come" and Clancy Eccles' anthem "Power For The People". (Eccles was an enthusiastic PNP supporter). so, for better or worse, it's one of those songs that is associated with the PNP.

incidentally, there's a very similar cut of "Let The Power Fall" that was done around the same time - this version was produced by Derrick Morgan, Bunny Lee also did a version that was on Max Romeo's 1971 LP "Let The Power Fall" on Dynamic and also released as a 7" single...IMHO it's the better version (or at least it's the version that i remember my mom playing as a kid from nearly 40 years ago!)

alright, i am exiting record nerd mode...