Sunday, May 15, 2011

VA - You Don't Care Rhythm

For the 150th post, I've decided to do a small compilation of all the tracks that I have on the "You Don't Care" rhythm. I've pulled together 9, one of them I have on JA and UK presses so I've posted pictures of the two but only ripped the UK version.

1. The Techniques - You Don't Care (1967, Duke Reid). This was the original cut with the You Don't Care rhythm, though this version is a 1975 repress according to RKR. The flip is a version with some lazy dub.

2. Nora Dean - Barbwire (1969, Byron Smith). This rhythm shows up with a few producers, and I wish I knew how (or if) the licensing worked on these. It sounds to me like the rhythm track here may be the exact same as the Duke Reid cut, rather than a rerecorded version. The flip to this "Calypso Mama" by The Barons.

3. Winston Wright - Mesh Wire (1970, Byron Smith). Often, if a rhythm ended up being reused, it would be cut with toasting versions and often organ cuts. Here's the organ driven response to "Barbwire." The flip on this one is "Darling Please Return" by The Barons, a killer rocksteady vocal track.

4. Sir Lord Comic - Jack Of My Trade (1970, Joe Gibbs). This relicensing is definitely a rerecorded rhythm track, and is slowed down. It almost doesn't sound like the same rhythm, but I've seen this on other You Don't Care compilations, and its listed in RKR as on the "You Don't Know" rhythm. The flip on this one is another rocksteady scorcher, "Man Beware" by The Slickers.

5. Dennis Alcapone - El Paso (1970, CS Dodd). Again, this one is another rerecorded take, featuring one of my favorite toasters, Dennis Alcapone. I wouldn't list this among his most captivating cuts, but its still fun to listen to. Unlike the previous two, this one also features the "Oh Mama" calls from the Nora Dean "Barbwire" take. The flip to this is "The Pressure Is On" by The Purpleites.

6. Lloyd Parks - You Don't Care (1972, Tony Robinson). Tony Robinson is another producer that tried his luck on this rhythm with a number of cuts. This one starts as an exact cover of the original Techniques cut, but then deviates into different tune. The flip for both the UK and JA versions are the same version track.

[First image not recorded, it is the JA copy of the UK 7" that was recorded]

7. Ranking Joe - A You Mr. Fennigan (1978, Tony Robinson). In the late 70s, a number of toasters emerged with the "Ranking" appellation, including Ranking Joe & Ranking Trevor among the more popular ones. This take features some vocals from the Lloyd Parks take and the flipside is a lightly dubbed version.

8. Winston Scotland - Buttercup (1972, Tony Robinson). This is another toasted take provided by Tony Robinson. This also features some of the vocals from Lloyd Parks version and was the first 7" I got in my collection on this rhythm. The b-side to this is the next tune, "I Care."

9. Roland Wilson - I Care (1972, Tony Robinson). Where there was toasting in the previous take by Winston Scotland, a trombone (I believe) takes precedence with an entertaining but pretty un-imaginary riff.


Listen & download here:
1. The Techniques - You Don't Care
2. Nora Dean - Barbwire
3. Winston Wright - Mesh Wire
4. Sir Lord Comic - Jack Of My Trade
5. Dennis Alcapone - El Paso
6. Lloyd Parks - You Don't Care
7. Ranking Joe - A You Mr. Fennigan
8. Winston Scotland - Buttercup
9. Roland Wilson - I Care

Or, download a zip set here.


Sidewalk doctor said...

There's a few more cuts here

davesjukebox said...

Thanks, didn't realize you had done the same thing, but with even more tunes. I only wanted to include my own rips so this was all I had!

Glad to see I got one in there that wasn't on yours!

chris said...

Dave - pretty sure Baron's was another Duke Reid label, just like Treasure Isle, Dutchess, etc.... the practice of producers using/buying proven rhythms and recycling them for new songs wasn't all that common at that point, although there were a few recycled tunes that were similar in format to WW's "Mesh Wire" (i;e; Sound Dimension's "More Scorcher" was an instrumental of Larry Marshall's big hit "Nanny Goat")

Bryon Smith was Smitty, the engineer that recorded so many of Duke Reid's records during Treasure Isle's glory years of 1966-68.....

lightningclap said...

Let's not forget that the original is a Curtis Mayfield tune, "You'll Want Me Back".

davesjukebox said...

Thanks chris, lightningclap. Didn't know about Byron Smith being a TI sound engineer, good to know now!

matthew said...

did lloyd parks record this song again again for tony robinson, possibly in 1975?

the record that u-roy toasts over in "natty don't fear" sounds like lloyd parks, but (aside from the dub effects, obviously), sounds kind of different from the record from 1972 (and the earlier version he recorded).

davesjukebox said...

I don't know the answer to this one, sorry! Hopefully someone else can chime in.

Anonymous said...

Jack of my trade is on love is not a gamble rythm