Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Terrors - Assemble Not Thyself / Version

Sorry for the lack of updates, so here's a killer one!

Listen & download here:
A-side: The Terrors - Assemble Not Thyself
B-side: The Terrors - Assemble Not Thyself (Version)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Could you please give the dates of release for the singles ?

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, this is just an anonymous admirer of your blog. Hope everything is okay your way, I miss your updates...would love to see more. Jah Bless.

davesjukebox said...

Thanks... I'll hopefully start posting records again soon. I'm hoping to get busy with reggae music again soon :)

davesjukebox said...

...and for the date, RKR has this one listed as 1978.

Ingmar said...

Personal fave. Huge!
Also released on a Phase One 12".